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Sitter Spotlight: Natalie C.

Like so many others, Hello Sitter’s Natalie C. moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. But for the times she’s not on stage, she’ll happily have a dance party, do yoga, or just run around with your kids. “I genuinely love kids; they can be so charming and funny, full of new ideas and […]

Cool Backpacks for Back to School

Back to school time (already! How is that possible?). We already miss summer but we kind of love back to school shopping….    Every NYC kiddo needs a cool backpack that’s up to the task of carrying books, lunches, and a few choice necessities. We took a quick peek at some of our favorite sites […]

Support on Speed Dial: Meet Call a Midwife

It’s always inspiring when we discover a cool new business like Call a Midwife, which parents can use on-demand for any pregnancy, postpartum, or new parent concerns. Here in the United States, we send moms home with new babies and they are just on their own, even if they profess to having no idea what […]

Sitter of the Month: Reilly O.

Reilly O. is a sitter we just adore here at Hello Sitter. She’s been with us from the beginning, and while she doesn’t take a ton of bookings, she’s a star at the ones she does take. Like many of our sitters, she’s a recent college grad finding her way in the city, working a […]

Triple Checked: A Look at Our Reference Check Process

Not sure about you but as parents we are not fond of doing Sisyphus-like things like calling and checking (and calling and checking) the references of potential babysitters, only to have those sitters flake on us or move away within weeks. Seriously, our founder Lauren disliked it so much she created an app and sitter […]

Sitter Spotlight: Scarlett Z.

She grew up in Florida, the only child of a special needs teacher, but Hello Sitter’s Scarlett Z. knew she’d found home when she landed in NYC for grad school five years ago. And we’re so glad she decided to stay! A favorite of more than a dozen Hello Sitter families, Scarlett makes kids feel […]

Interview Insight: The Questions We Ask Sitter Applicants

One of the questions we see parents wondering a lot is what to ask when interviewing a babysitter. Stepping into an HR role is one of those parenting tasks most of us never even considered pre-baby. Yet finding reliable childcare you love is a huge (and sometimes stressful) part of the job. Obviously here at […]

Lovely on the Links

FOUR! Mompreneur and former fashion exec Megan LaMothe just launched FORAY GOLF, her fashion-forward, limited-edition, high-performance line of women’s golf attire (if you’ve ever shopped for clothes to wear on the course you know is a long time coming!). We love the first pieces, most of which are already sold out, and of course wanted […]

Sitter Spotlight: Katie H.

When it comes to sitters, Katie H. is a blast and a kid favorite through and through – after all what little one doesn’t love an enthusiastic and energetic NYC babysitter who’s up for anything? A former camp counselor (see pic: she’s a natural!), the Fairfax, VA native and production assistant now works for Hello […]

Summer in NYC: Eight Ways to Chill Out with Kids

by guest blogger Katherine Salyi There’s nothing quite like an NYC rooftop pool scene in July: sunbathing, day drinking, loud music, dancing, and socializing… that’s when you use Hello Sitter, of course. With kids along, you have to rethink how to stay cool in the city. As a mom and real estate agent, I spend […]