Hello Sitter’s 2021 Year In Review

As 2021 comes to an end, I find myself reflecting back on all the ups, downs and all-around from the last two years. 2020 hit Hello Sitter hard, just like it did to many other small businesses across the globe. Not many of you know

Meet Hello Sitter’s Resident #BossBabe!

In honor of #NationalBossDay (10/16/21), let’s take a minute to shout out and celebrate all the #BossBabes who are out there in the world, forging their own paths and taking their skills and passions directly to the people that need and want them – starting

Hello Sitter Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring products created by Hello Sitter users While our sitters are engaging and entertaining the younger generation, NYC parents are often hard at work on really cool entrepreneurial projects and businesses. Here’s the proof: Hello Sitter parents created every single gorgeous product in our holiday

Moms for Moms, NYC: Living “It Takes a Village”

Parenting is no joke and we can’t be the only ones who’ve had nightmares about how hard it would be raising kids solo and/or without means. Recognizing how fortunate we are, we wanted to find a way to help those who might be struggling this

Sitter of the Month: Alysha M.

Hello Sitter favorite Alysha M. is well experienced with kids and their worlds, and her continued excellence and rave reviews have crowned her our Sitter of the Month. She’s definitely got skills, having been a mother’s helper, a camp counselor,  and a tutor, and babysitter

Sitter Spotlight: Lory L.

Hello Sitter favorite Lory L. is one of those people who looks wonderful “on paper” – and is even more amazing IRL. She is smart, a lover of books who has bachelor degrees in both education and nutrition. She is creative to the core, a

A Better, Faster Search for NYC’s Best Babysitters

We’re making it even easier to find the right NYC babysitter for your family, right now. Hello Sitter is an iOs app. But it’s also – actually, it’s primarily – a babysitting service, powered by humans. We have hundreds of experienced, interviewed, and fully-vetted sitters behind

Sitter Spotlight: Natalie C.

Like so many others, Hello Sitter’s Natalie C. moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. But for the times she’s not on stage, she’ll happily have a dance party, do yoga, or just run around with your kids. “I genuinely love kids; they can

Sitter of the Month: Reilly O.

Reilly O. is a sitter we just adore here at Hello Sitter. She’s been with us from the beginning, and while she doesn’t take a ton of bookings, she’s a star at the ones she does take. Like many of our sitters, she’s a recent

Triple Checked: A Look at Our Reference Check Process

Not sure about you but as parents we are not fond of doing Sisyphus-like things like calling and checking (and calling and checking) the references of potential babysitters, only to have those sitters flake on us or move away within weeks. Seriously, our founder Lauren