Another app that saves me time?

Anyone that knows me is aware that I like everything to be easy and convenient (pretty obvious seeing as I decided to make an app for it!).  However, I don’t like to sacrifice quality – it is important for those things that are quick and seamless

Korean beauty tips you need to know

Living in NYC can be tough on your skin; the fast pace of life, pollution and constant stream of happy hours and events can leave a lackluster complexion. Recently the beauty industry has been dominated by Korean skincare – and for good reason. Korean women have taken their beauty routines seriously for centuries and have the youthful, dewy skin to show for it. From a young age the importance of taking care of your skin is instilled in Korean women, along with the belief that no amount of makeup can make up for genuinely flawless skin. The skincare routine can be up to 12 steps long, using hyper-targeted and highly effective products that are suited to your specific skin type. Such an involved regimen can seem a little daunting considering we usually feel pretty proud of ourselves if we remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize, so we decided to break it down and pick the top K-beauty tips that we can all adopt right now to get us started on the road to gorgeously glowing skin.