A Charmed Life

We absolutely adore the bug & bean LOVELETZ line of headbands, bracelets, and charms created by Hello Sitter user Faith R. With bug & bean, girls can mix, match, and swap cute charms and style their own looks, a brilliant idea as any parent of

Cool Backpacks for Back to School

Back to school time (already! How is that possible?). We already miss summer but we kind of love back to school shopping….    Every NYC kiddo needs a cool backpack that’s up to the task of carrying books, lunches, and a few choice necessities. We

LEOCA Paris Spring Collection Picks

  Want a sneak peek at some of the chicest kids clothes this spring? Leoca Paris designer house has been known for their close detail to quality, natural fabrics (usually reserved for adults) since their start in 2010. Lucky for us their 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Ady’s Top 6 Picks (we’re talking clothes!)

Happy Friday, Spring and Easter all rolled into one! It appears the temperature seems to be slowly creeping up and I am very excited! This weekend we have some fun activities planned, from lunch with new friends (who have a daughter the same age as Ady) to easter egg hunting at The High Line Hotel which looks adorable (plus I plan on eating half the choc!).

LEOCA Paris FW’15

LEOCA Paris have been designing clothing for children since 2010.

It’s creator Maude Falcon De-Longevialle, uses fine and natural materials often only found in adult clothing, which she then creatively and lovingly shapes into a look tailored for the younger child.

Cosy cool winter

Coming from the UK, I thought winter in London was cold, it seemed that winter in New York would be a walk in the park, but I was wrong. Cold snaps in New York City really bite. I love winter clothing, autumn colors and cosy evenings with the family, so when you look at it that way, long winters can be a great thing. So here are a few ideas for keeping your kids cosy, whilst still looking cool this winter.