Sitter Spotlight: Lauren O.

Hello Sitter favorite Lauren O. moved to NYC to be an actor, but at Hello Sitter, she feels she already has a part: role model. And she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. “[Kids] help me to be a better person in my day to day

Sitter Spotlight: Melanie R.

Brooklyn native and Hello Sitter superstar Melanie R. is all about kids. She focused on developmental psychology in undergrad, currently works at parent coaching nonprofit Power of Two, and is very clued in when it comes to knowing what kids need most. “At the end

Sitter Spotlight: Taitea D.

Smart, funny, and a pro with kids: that’s Hello Sitter favorite Taitea D., a grad student who not only loves children, but also finds it super fulfilling to help said children’s parents! “The most deserving people in the world of some time off are parents

Sitter Spotlight: Emilyn B.

How’s this for an only-in-New-York experience: your kiddos’ babysitter could be aspiring opera singer Emilyn “Emi” B., who’s in grad school studying voice at the Manhattan School of Music. The lovely Emi is already a star at Hello Sitter, consistently receiving top reviews and referrals

Sitter Spotlight: Emma G.

Kind, patient, and empathetic: just some of the reasons Emma G. is a favorite of 22 Hello Sitter families and counting. And don’t forget imaginative: “I love when a child and I have invented a world together and they are so excited and involved,” Emma

Sitter Spotlight: Priscilla V.

Hello Sitter favorite Priscilla V. grew up in Queens, and traces her sitter experience back 14 years, when she began watching her many cousins and two brothers. And although she has her degree in business, she prefers babysitting over the corporate and retail positions she’s

Sitter Spotlight: Megan M.

Engaged, playful, kind, capable: superstar NYC sitter Megan M. is exactly the kind of person you want caring for your kiddos. Highly experienced – 15 years! – and extremely energetic (she runs marathons!), Megan receives rave reviews from Hello Sitter parents, who find her to

Sitter Spotlight: Konstance T.

You know when you meet someone and they are just perfectly named? That’s how we feel about Konstance. This CPR-certified lifeguard has her masters in language and literacy, and has been caring for kids for 10+ years while growing up on Long Island. Newly relocated

Sitter Spotlight: Lory L.

Hello Sitter favorite Lory L. is one of those people who looks wonderful “on paper” – and is even more amazing IRL. She is smart, a lover of books who has bachelor degrees in both education and nutrition. She is creative to the core, a

Sitter Spotlight: Arelys A.

Future teacher. Daycare professional. Bilingual babysitter. And most importantly, Mom. They all add up to the lovely Arelys A., Hello Sitter Hamptons babysitter to some very lucky kiddos, as evidenced by the consistent five-star reviews. “She was amazing!!! The absolute best sitter my family has