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Sitter Spotlight: Lauren O.

Sitter Spotlight: Lauren O.

Hello Sitter favorite Lauren O. moved to NYC to be an actor, but at Hello Sitter, she feels she already has a part: role model. And she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. “[Kids] help me to be a better person in my day to day life,” she notes. “I hope that I can give back in some way by being a good influence in their lives, even if it’s just a handful of times.” The Buffalo native has been babysitting for eight years, and taking bookings with Hello Sitter since she arrived in the city in the new year. Parents love her capable and sweet demeanor, and the kids? “I think that they appreciate my honesty. I try to never talk down to kids. I like to be very up front and clear with them, which helps me relate to them while also giving me authority,” Lauren says. Love Lauren? Click here to view her profile in the app; add her as a favorite to see Lauren’s schedule and book her directly.

Hello Lauren

Has her: BFA in Musical Theatre from SUNY Fredonia

She’s a big sis: I have a pretty cool younger brother named Kevin.

Toy time: I’m a big fan of Magna-Tiles!

Let’s read: Rainbow Fish was my favorite as a child, so that’s always super fun to see. But I am also a sucker for Dragons Love Tacos.

Shut down separation anxiety: If I am with a young child, I like to pick them up and hold them, sing and dance around, give them one of their favorite stuffed animals to comfort them and then slowly work my way to playing with their toys. If the child is a bit older, I’ll ask them to show me some of their favorite things to do.

Dream superhero skill: Being a die hard Harry Potter fan, I’ve always wished I had the “power” to “apparate” (teleport). Goodbye forever, MTA!!

Sitter skills: Always follow through! Don’t promise something you can’t deliver, but when you can do something that may be “going the extra mile,” make it happen!

Time to tidy: Usually I’ll say something like “after we clean up, then we can do (insert fun activity here.)”

Limits, tested: About a month ago, I was watching a young boy for the first time. We had a lot of fun, and when it was time for bed, he got a bit restless! He kept sneaking out of his bedroom to come sit next to me in the living room. After a few times, the smiles started to fade, and I brought him back to his room to tuck him in again. After he was in bed, I looked at him and told him that it “wasn’t funny” anymore, and that he needs to stay in bed. He looked at me with wide eyes and said “No, you’re right, this isn’t funny anymore. Good night Lauren.” He promptly rolled over and went to sleep. It was so precious!


The parents say: ★★★★★

“Lauren is so sweet and gentle. She followed my directions very well but I would have liked her to be more firm and “in charge” of directing my strong-willed girls. That’s perhaps a tough thing to ask of a first time sitter but I’d recommend Lauren to children who are more gentle mannered and easily led.” – Carolyn R.

“Lauren handled my two toddlers easily. She was upbeat and a great sitter. Highly recommend!” – Anne P.

“Lauren was great with my two kids and was able to follow my long bedtime instructions! My kids had a lot of fun with her.”– Laura D.


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