5 Baby Safety Tips You May Not Have Thought Of!

  There are TONS of baby safety tips that most of us may all know by now. But we are going to take it one step further and share some more that come from personal experiences. Here are a few that you may not have

Your Kids Can Draw (and so can you!)

When asked the question “can you draw?” 98% of people will say not at all! But is that really true? How many other self limiting beliefs do we carry around with us? This step by step might shatter that illusion!

How to Hygge

Winter can be tough. Tough on your body and tough on your mind. The cold, the wind, the snow and those dreaded winter blues. Most of us want to keep our head down and get through it, all the while dreaming of sunnier climes. But what if we don’t have to just get through it? What if we could even learn to (shock horror!) enjoy it? It seems our friends the Danes have found the key to embracing the beauty of the changing seasons. Their secret weapon? Hygge.