5 Baby Safety Tips You May Not Have Thought Of!

5 Baby Safety Tips You May Not Have Thought Of!


There are TONS of baby safety tips that most of us may all know by now. But we are going to take it one step further and share some more that come from personal experiences. Here are a few that you may not have thought of yet!


  1. Turn On The Fan: We probably all know by now that back is best for preventing SIDS, but did you know that putting on a fan also helps reduce infant Sids death? Put a fan in baby’s room to circulate the room and help prevent Sids. Other things that help prevent SIDS are a bare as possible crib (no blankets), breastfeeding, pacifiers, and not overheating baby with too much clothing, which brings us to the next tip… 


  1. Mind Your Thermostat: Do you know the proper clothing and temperature for infants’ sleep? Many parents worry their infant needs to be in layers and layers of clothing and their temperature gauge needs to be higher than normal. Here are the guidelines to prevent overheating.


Remember, we recommend swaddles to be tight and below the shoulder, so they don’t ride up, and with hands down by sides to prevent escaping and more wakings in the night! 

  1. Invest In A Video Monitor: This is a tip from the owner herself, who was a nanny for over ten years and a currently a Newborn Care Specialist. Sound monitors are relatively new in the last twenty to thirty years. And video monitors are even newer. But what is great about them is that you can see what’s really going on without having to go in there and risk the baby seeing you. “I have seen a toddler get in between the crib and the wall. This particular family I was working for did not have a visual monitor and I was told to let him cry until sleep. However, something about his cry told me to check on him, and sure enough, he had climbed over the rail and was stuck between the crib and the wall and couldn’t move.” Invest in a monitor …YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!


  1. Watch Out For Sharp Edges: Remove any furniture or cover any and ALL sharp edges in the house, especially those that are eye level or below with your baby or child. One misstep and you could be taking baby to the emergency room. Ouch! We know … it happened on a cruise with one of our toddlers and stitches was not an option! 


  1. Don’t Pull The Strings: Curtains and blinds sometimes have cords and we highly suggest getting ones that omit the need for them. But people forget about other string or cord issues. Sometimes we let our kids play with things not thinking it will be a big deal- toys with strings, laundry bags with cords, strings that come out of pants, sweatshirts … you name it! If those things are around, just make sure to supervise your baby. 


Well, what did you think? Have you thought of any of these? Was there a tip that caught you by surprise? Have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear from you.

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